• Healing After Crime: Exploring the Promise of Victim-Offender Dialogue in the Wake of Serious Violence

A One-Day Conference sponsored by the Center for Restorative Justice

Saturday, May 12, 2012
9am - 4pm
9th Floor Function Room, Stahl Building
73 Tremont St, Boston

Restorative Justice aims to shift the justice process to focus more on the needs of the victim than on the need to punish the offender through a process that encourages healing and transformation. Meeting with the offender can provide victims with the opportunity to hear offenders take responsibility for the crime and puts key decisions into the hands of those most affected by crime. Join us for this one-day conference that will take a deeper look at both sides of this important process.

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Keynote Speaker

Kim Book is a survivor, the founder and Executive Director of Victims' Voices Heard Inc. - a non-profit organization giving victims of crime the opportunity to meet with their incarcerated offender. In 1995 her only child,
17-year-old Nicole, was stabbed to death in her father's home in Delaware by a 16-year-old man she knew. This event shaped Kim's life and is the driving force behind her need to assist other victims/survivors of crime in their need to meet with their offender and hear them take responsibility for their crime and express remorse.


Kathy Dannehy, former Massachusetts Commissioner of Corrections
Robin Casarjian, founder Lionheart Foundation and author of Houses of Healing: A Prisoners Guide to Emotional Awareness and Emotional Literacy
Katherine Powers, ex-offender
Jon Wilson, founder JustAlternatives and facilitator of VOD in Massachusetts DOC
Janet Connors, homicide survivior and participant in VOD 

Afternoon Workshops

The Challenge of Facilitiation in Crimes of Serious Violence
Kim Book and Jon Wilson

Preparing Offenders to Meet Victims: A Journey Towards Responsibility
Robin Casarjian and Steven Spitzer

Gendered Violence and Victim-Offender Dialogue: Promises and Pitfalls
James Ptacek and Susan Chorley

Cost of Registration: $25.

Fee waivers are available; please inquire at crj@suffolk.edu. A light lunch will be provided.

Reserve your space today by clicking here! Alternatively, you may email crj@suffolk.edu and bring cash or a check (made out to the Center for Restorative Justice) to the door.

Sponsored by the Center for Restorative Justice at Suffolk University, the Suffolk Graduate Program in Crime and Justice Studies, the Boston Theological Institute, Jericho Circle, Partakers, and Renewal House. To learn more or ask questions, please call the CRJ at 617-305-1991.

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