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Never Stop Learning

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Rooms 132, 133, 134, and 040, Sawyer Building, 8 Ashburton Place

You know what they say, “Never Stop Learning.” Faculty from the College of Arts & Sciences and Sawyer Business School, experts in their fields, will sweep you back to what drew you to Suffolk in the first place. Reengage with Suffolk at its core; teaching and learning. Sessions will run forty-five minutes then be repeated so participants don’t miss topics of interest.


(A) Richard H. Beinecke, DPA, ACSW, Chair, Institute for Public Service, Sawyer Business School
Management Competencies for Effective Leadership
Five competency skill areas have been shown to be needed for effective leadership, no matter what field one works in: personal, interpersonal, transaction, transformative, and policy. In this interactive workshop we will review global competency models, complete a self-assessment, and discuss our strengths, weaknesses, and what we can do to improve our skills.


(B) Gloria M. Boone, PhD. Director, Graduate Program in Communication
Defining the public: Contested views of the people in social media posts and tweets from the Tea Parties and Occupy Wall Street Movements.
Social media posts and tweets on the notion of the public come from the right and left of the political spectrum as represented by the conservative Tea Parties to the liberal Occupy Wall Street groups.  The concept about who are defined as the ‘public’ differs in fundamental ways. For the Tea Party movement, the public is constructed as patriots, the real people, citizens, people who have earned it, and fighters against big government.  Religious rhetoric and quotes from the founding fathers point to a return to small local government to attack the media elites, corrupt politicians, the welfare state, and illegals. For the Occupy Wall Street movements, the people are occupiers, nonviolent protesters, the voices of the people, the community, the 99%, culture jammers, and anonymous. They seek to restore democracy from the corporate corruption of government. They strive to attack inequality, argue against war, poverty, homelessness, medical costs, and student debt. Social media helps to compress the time frame for the diffusion of social movements and brands. The social media practices of the Tea Parties and the Occupy Groups provide many brands and social causes many effective techniques for mobilizing an audience.


(C) Beverly Flaxington, Lecturer, Sawyer Business School, Corporate Consultant and Author
Make a Change that Works for YOU!
Every day we make multiple shifts – sometimes small, sometimes large. The process of shifting and changing can be challenging to most people. This talk offers a fresh, workable solution to understanding how to make a personal or professional shift, and then acting on it right away. The S.H.I.F.T. Model ™ is a groundbreaking process taught at Suffolk University in the Leadership & Social Responsibility class to allow students to create real-world plans for making change happen.
Alumni who attend this session will learn a simple, yet powerful five-step process that they can begin implementing right away – start the new week knowing how to make your own shift to where you want to go!


(D) David Paleologos, Director, Suffolk University Political Research Center
Rachael Cobb, Chairperson and Assistant Professor, Government Department
Campaign Boot Camp: Running for Election
Are you interested in campaign management or in running for election? In this seminar, you will learn the skills that are key to a successful election campaign: defining your candidate and message, understanding state and local ballot and nomination requirements, creating campaign and field organizations, visibility and campaign swag, advertising, speeches, publicity and social media, survey research and demographics, fundraising, opposition research and target strategies, debate preparation, canvassing, Get Out The Vote operations, and much more! This session will cover the step-by-step process of getting elected. An essential how-to for anyone looking to get involved in politics at the local, state or federal levels.


To register please contact Annamaria Mueller, 617-305-1999 or amueller@suffolk.edu, or fill out this registration form.

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