BLC Second Annual Conference

Come See Our Amazing Scholars Present!

The 2nd Annual BLC Conference will be held Friday February 24th from 1pm-4pm on the 9th floor of the 73 Tremont Building. Our BLC scholars will present either individually or in teams on various subjects that they have researched. Each presenting team has a professional staff member supervise their process.

The following is a list of the titles and presenters featured:

Speak Up: Engaging the Quiet Student --Presented by Bob Lively, Stephen Daddario, & Danielle Madden

Breaking the Language Barrier--Presented by Elena Kollarova

Reading Between the Lines: How Nonverbal Cues Play a Role--Presented by Katharina Feister

Michele Guay and the Leaders of the Round Table--Presented by Michele Guay

There’s An App For That: Social Media & Mobile Applications for the 21st Century Student--Presented by Kelsey Ohman & Samantha Meckler

Incorporating Technology into Study Groups--Presented by Lee Wizda

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