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The Graduate Programs in Finance faculty at Suffolk University are committed to fostering an education to students that is both rich in theory and practical in career application. As today’s finance industry is driven by a constantly changing marketplace, our faculty members strive to maintain their professional and academic commitment to excellence.

Members of our faculty have worked in various high level-positions, ranging from an economist for the Shanghai Stock Exchange to a director of Equity Research for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in London. In addition to these impressive credentials, several of our professors have been published in some of the top journals in finance.

  • Professor Lin Guo was awarded Best Paper from the Chinese Finance Association (TCFA) for "Why Do Chinese Companies Dual‐List Their Stocks?” which she co-authored with Walid Busada, Zhenzhen Sun, and Tong Yu. The paper was also presented at the Best Paper Symposium of the 16th TCFA Conference.
  • Professor Charles Atherton’s paper “Fiduciary Principles: Corporate Responsibilities to Stakeholders” was published in the Journal of Religion and Business Ethics, which he co-authored with Susan C. Atherton and Mark S. Blodgett.
  • Professor Natalia Beliaeva and Sanjay Nawalkha co-authored "Pricing American Interest Rate Options under the Jump-Extended Constant-Elasticity-of-Variance Short Rate Models," which was published in the Journal of Banking and Finance.
  • Professor Khaled Amira and Professor Georges Tsafack’s paper “What Drives International Equity Correlations? Volatility or Market Direction?” was published in the Journal of International Money and Finance. They co-authored the article with Abderrahim Taamouti.
  • Professor Khaled Amira's paper “Competition among Stock Exchanges for Equity,” co-authored with Mark Muzere, was published in the Journal of Banking and Finance.
  • Professor Georges Tsafack's paper “Dependence Structure and Extreme Comovements in International Equity and Bond Markets" was published in the Journal of Banking and Finance. The article was co-authored with Rene Garcia.

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