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Kermit answers questions at Suffolk last spring. From right: James Carroll, David Hoberman, Steve Whitmire, and Kermit the Frog.


It’s time to play the music!

It’s time to light the lights!

It’s time to meet the Muppets…!

Some college students may never have even heard of the Muppets, let alone have seen the beloved 1979 Muppet Movie. But thanks to Suffolk trustee David Hoberman, a new generation now has the chance to fall in love with those adorable puppets once omnipresent in popular culture.

Hoberman is producer of The Muppets, the recently released movie that reunites the rag-tag band of felt misfits to save the Muppet Theatre from demolition.

Last spring, Hoberman visited Suffolk along with Kermit the Frog and puppeteer Steve Whitmire. Kermit answered audience questions ranging from the challenges of working with humans to his relationship with Miss Piggy. Watch clips from his visit:

Hoberman first visited Suffolk in spring 2010 as part of the College of Arts & Sciences’ Distinguished Visiting Scholars series to talk about his Oscar-winning film The Fighter. This fall, he joined the Suffolk Board of Trustees.

President and founder of Mandeville Films and Television, Hoberman is one of the leading producers in the entertainment industry, having made his mark on more than 100 movies, including The Proposal, Raising Helen, and Cocktail.

“Having David Hoberman and Kermit at our Modern Theatre last spring was a real thrill,” says Marilyn Plotkins, chair of Suffolk’s Theatre Department. “I can’t wait to see the movie!”

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