• Professor Aron Darmody Inspired by Students


Aron DarmodyAron Darmody joins Suffolk University as a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Marketing.

Darmody is earning his PhD in Marketing at the Schulich School of Business, York University. His areas of expertise include retail, cultural studies of marketing practice, identity, consumer creativity, and virtual consumption.

In his class, Marketing Tools and Analysis, Darmody offers undergraduate students a solid foundation in marketing. “It is a class that gives students some essential practical marketing analytical skills– all of which will be of great value to them when they graduate and join the workforce. It’s the type class that is not offered at every business school, but I believe should be,” he said.

As both a student and a teacher, Darmody believes that “every person has a different form of intelligence and set of skills and talents that can be identified and developed through proper, focused education.” As a professor, Darmody said he pays close attention to his students’ learning styles so that everyone can reach their full potential.

Darmody strives to help students apply their knowledge in innovative ways. He likes when his students offer new ideas that help him think about topics differently. “To teach really is to learn sometimes,” he said. The most rewarding moments are “when I can see that the material I’ve been teaching is beginning to resonate with students, as evidenced by the rich ideas that they begin to present in classes and assignments,” he added.

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