• New England Chinese and the 1911 Revolution

Presented by the Rosenberg Institute for East Asian Studies

Thursday,October 6, 2011
10am - 11:15am
Munce Conference Room, Archer Building
20 Derne Street, Boston 
(Behind the Massachusetts State House) 

In 1911 an insurrection broke out in southern China. Young revolutionaries attacked troops of the venerable Great Qing dynasty, which had ruled China since 1644. To everyone’s surprise, the government forces collapsed and the revolutionaries were in control. Then regional military men throughout the country disarmed government troops and by the end of the year the powerful Qing dynasty had collapsed. The Republic of China was proclaimed in 1912.

Chinese people living in New England were involved with these events. They knew the revolutionaries were collecting money for the cause of overthrowing the Qing, so they held meetings, met with young revolutionary leaders here in Boston, and contributed to the effort.

Professor Wing-kai To 杜榮佳, Chair of the Asian studies Program at Bridgewater State University has studied these events. He will tell us about the proud history of the Chinese people living in New England who helped in the creation of the new Republic at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Help us celebrate the 100th anniversary of this event.

Sponsored by the Rosenberg Institute at Suffolk, the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in Boston and the Asian Studies Program at Bridgewater State University. Free and Open to the Public.

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