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Strategy and International Business Internship

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'A project-based course that provides a work experience component for juniors and seniors, and allows the student to apply international business theory in a practical context, thereby bridging the gap between education and practice.The internship must take place outside the student's primary country of residence. Non-US students can pursue internships in the US.The internship must involve at least 100 hours of work. To be eligible, students cannot receive monetary compensation for the internship. The company offering the internship must agree to evaluate the student's performance by completing an Internship Evaluation Form. Students must find a faculty supervisor who will evaluate and guide their academic work during the internship, as well as other internship-related assignments, and assign a grade upon completion of all internship requirements. Students must successfully complete both the inernship and all of the academic requirements of SIB 520 in order to earn a passing grade.'