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High Tech Marketing

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'Marketing of high-tech technology products and innovations occur in turbulent environments, and requires rapid decision making with incomplete information and risky prospect. The fast pace of change defines the momentum of evolution in the high-technology markets. Marketing in such an environment commands knowledge about the idiosyncratic features of high-tech products, innovations, and the industries. Marketing success in high-tech industries also calls for capabilities and skills of analyzing decision problems and designing solutions. To achieve these objectives, this course is built on extensive analysis of Harvard Business School cases, class discussions of intriguing phenomena in high-tech industries, and learning-by-doing student projects that focus on real-life companies and technologies. The topics covered in this course include the following: - Characteristics of high-technology industries - Different types and characteristics of high-tech products and innovations, and their marketing implications - Organizational culture and management strategies for high-tech products and innovations - Strategic alliances in developing and marketing high-tech products and innovations - Acquisition and understanding of market information for high-tech products and innovations - Customer adoption and diffusion of high-tech products and innovations -Market introduction strategies for high-tech products and innovations'