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Sports Marketing Consulting

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'This course presents an in-depth and innovative framework for implementing relationship marketing within the sport industry. This framework includes network-and market-oriented methods and tools that enable sport organizations to design and develop products that provide targeted stakeholders with greater functional and experiential value. Sport organizations provide a wide variety of services from leadership, governance, management, development, entertainment and control to educational materials and other retail products, all of which benefit from relationship marketing principles. Because many sport organizations have adopted a relationship-marketing approach they are necessarily network baed operating in a system formed by numerous stakeholders. Their goals may be economic, social or environmental with the foundation of the system being the sport itself with various bodies involved in the development of the sport. Through a consulting project with a sport organization, students will develop an understanding of the dynamics of the relationships between the different stakeholders who make up the network of the sport industry. Specifically, students will learn how sport organizations carry out their strategic actions within a network of stakeholders.'