In 1980, the Suffolk University Law Review instituted a lecture series to commemorate the Honorable Frank J. Donahue, former faculty member, trustee, and treasurer of Suffolk University Law School. The Donahue Lecture Series annually attracts lecturers from among the nation's top legal scholars and jurists. Featured speakers have included Supreme Court Associate Justices Antonin J. Scalia and Steven Breyer, the late Supreme Court Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, Judge Richard Posner, Former United States Attorney General Edwin Meese III, and Consumer Protection Activist Ralph Nader.

An active trial judge for more than 25 years, Young also served on the Massachusetts Superior Court. He is the principal author of Massachusetts Evidentiary Standards and Evidence , Massachusetts Practice Series , and co-author of Daubert's Gatekeeper: The Role of the District Judge in Admitting Expert Testimny (Tulane Law Review). Young has taught at Harvard, Boston College, and Boston University law schools.


For nearly 100 years, Suffolk University Law School, in the heart of downtown Boston, has remained one of the most respected names in legal education. Its expansive curriculum—more than 200 upper-level elective courses, specialty concentrations, joint-degree programs and an LL.M. in global technology—enables students to gain a strong academic foundation. A wide range of hands-on experience, including clinical programs, internships and moot court competitions, provides students the practical skills necessary to succeed. Suffolk Law's diverse and supportive community comes together in Sargent Hall, which was dedicated in 1999 and is among the country's most inspiring, modern and technologically advanced settings

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