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Intro to Real Estate Principles

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'This course is designed to introduce beginning students to the concepts and principles of real estate. The class will allow students to understand the key components of each major real estate asset class (including residential, retail, commercial, industrial, hospitality, properties etc.). Students will also understand the full range of professional players in the industry and what roles they play (brokers, contractors, developers, appraisers, lenders, lawyers, architect, etc.). We will teach the basic elements of a Development Pro-forma Budget, an Operating Pro-forma Budget, and a Sources and Uses Statement? as we learn about some of the essential financial schedules. We begin our discussion with a case that will teach you how to get started and to explore the considerations and tradeoffs in evaluating a specific real estate transaction. The course format utilizes the text, case work, selected web based data sources, selected readings and field trips. Throughout the course, an emphasis is placed on the practical application of the concepts taught, the use of current examples from the industry and today's marketplace.'