Suffolk University Professor Releases Single to Aid Hurricane Support Effort


Dedeke, a songwriter who has composed more than 60 songs, wrote “Broken Dreams” in April 2005, but had no intention of immediately publishing the song. However, at the Business School's first faculty meeting, Dean William J. O'Neill, Jr., challenged faculty members to individually do all that they could to support the victims. It was around this time that Dedeke decided that he would donate a song.

“I have given money to the aid effort, which I hope will do some good. However, if I give a song, it would inspire more people to give to the aid effort,” said Dedeke. “Also, everyone who buys the single gets something invaluable in return. Each would be encouraged by the words of the song. Such spiritual encouragement is crucial as we go through phases of life in which we try to rebuild things that money cannot buy, such as dreams, visions, faith and hope.”

Dedeke and George Nelson Company Publishing are distributing the songs online. For more information about the single and to listen to the tune, go to

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