Vertex Pharmaceuticals Career Events!

Open to all Suffolk Students!!

Event 1 Details:
Thursday, May 5

5th Annual Vertex Networking and Industry Session
Vertex Campus, 200 Sydney Street

This networking event is designed to provide an opportunity for students, recent graduates and early stage professionals to mingle with some of our scientists and learn how they can apply their degrees to our industry at the bench and beyond.  

Event 2 Details:
Friday, May 6
9:00AM – 12:00PM
Writing a Technical Resume
Vertex Campus, 88 Sydney Street

For the first hour, two Vertex Staffing Professionals will share a few practices they feel are best for developing a highly effective resumes.  After a brief Q&A, we will break off into smaller groups for one-on-one resume review and discussion with our entire staffing team.

Event 3 Details:
Friday, May 6
1:00PM – 4:00PM
Interviewing for your next technical job!
Vertex Campus, 88 Sydney Street

Vertex Staffing Professionals will present and share interview advice and techniques.  Soon after, we will ask a couple of the attendees to help demonstrate some of our teachings through a mock interviewing session.

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