• Celebration of Dr. Kenneth Sherman, BS '54, DSc '79

Recipient of the 2010 Göteborg Award for Sustainable Development

Celebrate and recognize
Dr. Kenneth Sherman, BS ’54, DSc ’79
Recipient of the 2010 Göteborg Award for Sustainable Development

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
5:30– 7pm
preceded by networking reception at 5pm

Suffolk University
Donahue Building, Room 311
41 Temple Street, Boston

Kindly respond to Elizabeth Conley at
econley@suffolk.edu or 617.573.8456

Co-sponsored by Dean Kenneth S. Greenberg,College of Arts & Sciences, Martha Richmond, Chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, and the Alumni Association

Kenneth Sherman received his undergraduate degree in elementary education and a doctorate in science from Suffolk University. He also holds a master of science from the University of Rhode Island. He, along with Costa Rican activist Randall Arauz, was recognized for his work on largemarine ecosystems (LMEs) at a ceremony in Göteborg, Sweden, on November 17, 2010. The Göteborg Award for Sustainable Development is considered the environmental equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

 Sherman, director of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries’ Office of Marine Ecosystems Studies and of the NOAA Fisheries Narragansett,
RI, Laboratory, developed and promoted the concept that LMEs are affected by socioeconomic factors and ecological considerations.

More than 100 developing countries are implementing LME projects worldwide. Contributions totaling $3.1 billion from the Global Environment Facility and World Bank are disbursed through partnerships with NOAA, donor agencies from other countries, five UN agencies, and two nongovernmental institutions. “International LME projects are making significant progress in recovering depleted fish stocks, improving degraded habitats, reducing pollution and nutrient over-enrichment, and conserving biodiversity,” Sherman says. “These efforts are also helping countries adopt ecosystem management policies to adapt to climate change.”

The Göteborg Award for Sustainable Development was founded in 1999 by the City of Göteborg and several businesses to stimulate and recognize strategic work in sustainable development, nationally and internationally.

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