• Interview Workshop

With Michele Rapp, Associate Director of Career Services

Wednesday, February 2
73 Tremont St.
Amenities Conference Room
1st Floor
12:15pm - 2:00pm

Learn the answers to these questions and much more:

What is behavioral interviewing and how do I prepare for it?
How can I distinguish myself from other candidates?
What does listening have to do with it?
Handling the two deadlly questions: "Tell me about yourself." "What are your weaknesses?"
I don't have much work experience. How can I perform well in an interview?
How do I handle a three or four part question when I'm nervous to begin with?

Highly recommended for all MBAs planning to graduate in May or August and for those seeking a summer 2011 internship.

Online reservation Required at: http://www.suffolkmbaedge.camp8.org



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