Remembering Music Legend John Lennon


The date – December 8, 1980 – will always be a memorable one for music lovers around the globe.

That was the day when John Lennon was shot and killed entering the building where he lived in New York City. The former Beatle was just 40 years old.

On the 30th anniversary of Lennon’s death, David Gallant, director of Undergraduate Advising for the College of Arts & Sciences, who teaches a Suffolk University course that looks at the history and the legacy of the Fab Four, shared his memories of the musical icon and the Beatles on the WBZ-AM (1030) show “NightSide,” hosted by Dan Rea. He also appeared on New England Cable News

Gallant and Rea talked about the impact that Lennon’s death had on people and the larger influence of the Beatles over time.

Gallant was watching a Patriots-Dolphins game on Monday Night Football when Howard Cosell announced that John Lennon was dead.

“I was in a state of shock and disbelief. I grew up listening to the Beatles; I was very young when they broke up in 1970, but I had older siblings, and Beatles music was always playing in my home.”

Since 2006, Gallant has taught a Beatles course, “Here, There and Everywhere,” after the group’s popular song of the same title. The course, offered through the College’s Seminar for Freshmen program, investigates the impact and legacy of the Beatles as music innovators and cultural avatars of the 1960s, an era that still exerts influence today.

“We examine the many ways in which the Beatles rocked the establishment and became defining figures in post-war youth culture,” explained Gallant. “We also discuss other media (the visual arts, film, fashion, style) and fields of study (mass media, marketing, recording technology, copyright law, English history) using the Beatles as our guide.”

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David Gallant discusses Lennon anniversary on NECN