Law Professors Launch Human Rights Film Forum


Two Suffolk University Law School professors organized a first-of-its kind film forum exploring the use of film as a way to raise awareness and combat the commercial sexual exploitation of girls and women.

Human Rights and Sex Trafficking: A Film Forum debuted at The Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square from Dec 2-5. The film forum was launched by the Boston Initiative to Advance Human Rights and board member Kate Nace Day and founder and Executive Director Alicia Foley Winn.

Nace Day is a Law School faculty member, and Foley Winn is an adjunct professor at the Law School. The forum recognizes the need for greater public and academic awareness in sex trafficking.

“Documentaries have the power to make the experiences of the victims and the survivors very real… and very human,” Foley Winn told

The forum considers the role of film in advancing women’s human rights and the many governmental and non-governmental organizations’ efforts to combat sex trafficking.

“This came about because while most of law is taught through heavy books, some issues of human rights are developing so quickly that they’re not in texts,” Nace Day told The Boston Globe.

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