iStudy 5.0

Final exam preparation session

The Ballotti Learning Center is proud to host our final exam preparation session, iStudy 5.0.


iStudy is an event designed to help you prepare more effectively for final exams.  Our tutors and study group leaders will be available as you study to answer any questions that arise, clarify difficult concepts and demonstrate effective study techniques.  The following subjects will be covered:


Accounting 201 & 202

Chemistry 111 & 211

ISOM 201

Statistics 250


Studying Rocks!

Prepare to rock your final exams at iStudy 5.0, the final exam study session designed specifically with you and your courses in mind.


Ahead of the Curve

 Say you’re studying for finals and you have a question that you need help with.  At iStudy, our tutors and study group leaders will be available to answer your questions, clarify tough concepts and demonstrate effective study techniques while you prepare for your exam BEFORE the reading day even begins! 


Studying Just Got Smarter

The iStudy staff will respond to the way you learn so studying becomes active, effective and a blast.  Once you own the knowledge and feel the confidence, you won’t want to put your books down. 


Ready to rock

A relaxed atmosphere, free food and plenty of academic support means you are less stressed, well fed and ready to rock your final.


This event is located in the BLC from 10:00am-5:00pm. Drop in and stay for as long as you like!!!!

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