• Safe Cosmetics Party- Make Your Own!

    Find out what is REALLY in your health & beauty products


    Donahue 403

    Shampoo, soap, moisturizer, gel, lipstick, deodorant, after shave...we all use dozens of products each day, but do we pay attention to the ingredients and their potential impacts? Come learn about the Safe Cosmetics movement on Wednesday October 20 in Donahue 403 from 5-6pm. We will watch a short video entitled, “The Story of Cosmetics”, followed by a conversation about what we can do to promote the use of safe, healthy products. And we will even create our own homemade products on the spot. Chocolate facial mask anyone? Snacks and materials will be supplied. Participants are only asked to bring a reusable container, such as a jar or plastic container, for bringing home what you make.

    Hosted by the Office of Health and Wellness, the SUPERs, the Suffolk University Sustainability Committee, the Suffolk University Environmental Club, the Eco-Ambassadors, and Women in Business.

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