• Ford Hall Forum Event: AIDS and Social Justice

AIDS, Social Justice, and the Politics of Transformation

Thursday, September 30
6:30pm to 8pm
Old South Meeting House

As death from AIDS becomes less common, AIDS service organizations must transform their services and prevention programs to follow a more radical approach. Why are there 56,000 new infections in the U.S. every year when we know what causes HIV, how it's transmitted, and how to treat it?

Join Ford Hall Forum at Boston's Old South Meeting House to discuss how to stop the spread of HIV by addressing the underlying social injustice of racism, sexism, homophobia, violence, substance abuse, and poverty. The conversation will be moderated by Rebecca Haag, President and CEO of AIDS Action Committee.

Panelists include:

Kevin Cranston, Director of the Massachusetts Bureau of Infectious Disease
Dazon Dixon Diallo, President of SisterLove
Julie Davids, Founder and Co-Director of Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP)
Guillermo Chacon, President and CEO of the Latino AIDS Commission

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