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Green and Sustainable Business

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'Over the past decade, the world of business and the environment has exploded. Beginning as an engineering-driven movement among a handful of companies during the 1980s, many firms have learned that improved environmental performance can save money and create competitive advantage. Much of the focus over the last 30 years has been on larger businesses. But now the big businesses are encouraging their small and mid-sized enterprises vendors and partners to pay attention to these concerns also. Consequently, the "greening" of Small Business is of utmost importance as many small businesses are a part of the supply chains of larger companies. And improving their performance can strengthen the business relationships of all parties by becoming cleaner, greener and sustainable businesses. This course will cover all aspects of green and sustainable business from innovation to new products to greening of the supply chain. It will cover how small and large businesses like General Electric, General Motors and others are paying attention to this very critical topic and taking actions which benefit the environment as well as their bottom lines and thus creating entrepreneurial opportunities in this growing market.'