• William Lloyd Garrison, American Abolitionism, and Music

A unique look at William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition Movement


Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Amenities Center (First Floor)
73 Tremont Street, Boston


A unique look at William Lloyd Garrison and the American Abolition Movement, including music that inspired the anti-slavery struggle, presented by National Park Service Ranger Horace Seldon and Prof. Larry Watson, with Berklee College of Music students. You'll be reminded of the historical importance of the area.  The event will walk your imagination to several places - to Milk Street's Julien Hall where Garrison met May, Sewall,  and Alcott;  around the corner, Garrison met Paul and Snowdenn, two ministers of the black north slope community;  a few steps down the street, Park Street Church, where Garrison gave his first speech; and many more. This event is co-sponsored by the Boston African American National Historic Site and the College of Arts & Sciences, Suffolk University.  For more information, please email nvadnais@suffolk.edu.

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