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John Erikson, Lynne Rosenberg, and Michael Emery

February 16, 2010

John Erikson, Chief, Recruitment, UN Headquarters, New York
Lynne Rosenberg, MPA 1999, Human Resources Officer, Outreach Section, Strategic Planning and Staffing Division, Office of Human, Resources Management, United Nations Secretariat
Michael Emery, Chief of Recruitment, UNDP

Lynne Rosenberg, Was previously Legal Policy Officer, Office of the Director, Length of time with DPKO:  5 yrs.  French speaking American lawyer with a Juris Doctorate and a master’s degree in public administration, her first United Nations work was as a human rights officer in Haiti (MICIVIH) in 1993. Thereafter, she served in 1994 in South Africa (UNOMSA) as an Electoral Officer and in Rwanda (UNAMIR) in the aftermath of the genocide as a human rights officer. From 1996-1999, she left the UN to prosecute child abuse on behalf of New York City and pursue a Master’s degree. From 1999-2004, she served as a Legal Officer in the Office of Legal Affairs at UN Headquarters. Since 2004, she has worked for the Department of Peacekeeping Operations at UN Headquarters as a Human Resource Legal Policy Officer, and most recently as a Legal Policy Officer advising the Director of the Logistics Support Division Attended by both GVT 469 & GVT 668 “UN and Humanitarian Governance” at the Starr Auditorium, HKS

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