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Suffolk to host recycling competition

You suggested it, so here it is!  The Suffolk University Sustainability Committee is hosting Suffolk’s first recycling competition for non-residential buildings and it coincides with the last week of the national Recycle Mania competition!  Help Suffolk finish strong in Recycle Mania, while reducing your environmental impact and helping your building win a delicious prize.


March 21-27: the building that recycles the most and throws away the least will win an ice cream party.  So do your part, and reduce, reuse, and recycle! 

Who will take the prize: Donahue, Law School, Sawyer, or 73 Tremont?  (Archer, Fenton, and Ridgeway are included in Donahue’s performance.)

The winning building will be announced in early April.

For questions, contact recycle@suffolk.edu.


Help Promote the Competition

Print a copy of this flier and post it in your department or share it in your classes.


Did you know?

Suffolk has hosted recycling competitions in the residence halls since 2008.

The non-residential buildings with the highest recycling rate for February 2010 were the Law School and the Sawyer Building.

An easy way to reduce waste is to drink from a travel mug instead of a disposable bottle. 

Paper, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, CDs, DVDs, CD and DVD cases, cassettes, VHS tapes, and toner and ink cartridges are all easy to recycle at Suffolk!  To learn more, visit the How To Recycle page.

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