Executive Speaker Series for Graduate Students

With Dean Cycon, Owner, Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company

"Sustainable Business as a Vehicle for Social Change"

With Dean Cycon, Owner, Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company

Thursday, March 25, 5:45-7 pm
Location: 73 Tremont, First floor conference room

Dean Cycon is the owner of Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company, a certified 100% organic, fair trade and kosher coffee roasting operation in Orange, Massachusetts.  Dean has over twenty-five years of development work and activism in indigenous communities, including coffee villages, around the world. Dean is a co-founder of Coffee Kids (non-profit development group), and of Cooperative Coffees, the world’s first fair trade roaster’s cooperative. He created Dean’s Beans to prove that business can promote positive economic, social and environmental change at the third world source, and be profitable at the same time.
Dean’s Beans has grown steadily over the past sixteen years and has stayed on its mission. The company designs and funds people-centered development projects in the coffee lands in partnership with the growers, and returns a percentage of profits to the growers as a Social Equity Premium. In 2004, the company received a Best Practices Recognition from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and the 2005 Sustainability Award from the Specialty Coffee Association of America.  His book, “Javatrekker: Dispatches from the World of Fair Trade Coffee” won the Gold Medal as the Best Travel Essay Book of 2008 from the Independent Publishers Association.

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