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Intro: Computer Modeling & Sim

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'Computer modeling and simulation (M&S) is a prominent area of computer science that studies mathematical models of real-world objects and phenomena, computer algorithms for simulating these models, and simulated data analysis and visualization techniques. Correspondingly, the course consists of three major parts: modeling, simulation, and visualization. In the fIrst part, we discover the disciplines that constitute the domain of M&S (such as electrical engineering, physics, and economics), discuss the general theory of systems and models, and develop mathematical foundations of modeling. In the second part, we take a look at continuous and discrete event simulation techniques, including differential equation solvers and event-based simulators. In the third part, we take a brief tour into computer graphics and data visualization with the help of the OpenGL graphics library. C++ programming skills and a knowledge of probability are required. Some knowledge of statistics is desirable but not mandatory. Offered as the need arises.'