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Computer Science II

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'Computer Science II (CSII) is the continuation of Computer Science I. The purpose of CSII is to expand students' understanding of Computer Science and computer programming, assuming that they have the basic knowledge of the Java language. The course introduce another programming language - C - and also focuses on the pure Object-Oriented features of Java, such as inheritance, polymorphism, and exceptions, as well as on simple data structures (lists, stacks, and queues) and algorithms (searching and sorting). By the end of the semester students will be able to develop sizable (several pages long) computer programs in the C and Java languages. Efficient C and Java program development requires an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - a collection of tools that make it possible to edit, compile, and debug C and Java programs. Our IDE of choice is Eclipse. Eclipse is free and available for many operating systems, including Microsoft Windows (all flavors), Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X. '