• Rebuilding Financial Integrity

The Emergence of Business Ethics in Institutional Reform

Program and Reception

October 2009 marked the first anniversary of what has been described as the “most devastating month in modern financial history.” In the panic that followed, our financial system nearly ground to a halt. It did not take long for the financial contagion to infect the rest of the economy. While the progress of economic recovery is at the forefront of the public mind, recovery should not distract from the importance of institutional reform. This program is designed to examine the progress of needed reform in the financial markets and the business community.

Experts from the Department of the Treasury, Federal Reserve Bank, Securities and Exchange Commission, and TIAA-CREF, including Madoff whistleblower Harry Markopolos, will address the following pressing and complex issues:

•What regulatory changes are necessary to achieve reform?
• Can the public rely on the business and financial sectors’ commitments to engage in meaningful self-regulation?
• What is the public’s role in the reform effort?
• What protection lies ahead for investors and other public stakeholders?

Location: Faculty Dining Room, Sargent Hall 120 Tremont Street, Suffolk University
Time: 1:30pm until 6:30pm
Cost: $50 for Alumni and $75 for non-Alumni

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Please register for this session at

617.573.8456 or econley@suffolk.edu


Sponsored by the Sawyer Business School, the Institute for LifelongLearning, the Alumni Association, and TIAA-CREFF.



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