LipDub Video Goes Viral


Students are marching to a lively beat as they show off the Suffolk University Boston campus through their own LipDub video.

With the combination lip synching and audio dubbing that is the hallmark of the LipDub music video, 40 students travel through and between campus buildings while synching along with Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “Under Pressure.”

It took six weeks to plan the sequence and organize the 40 students who created the LipDub, which runs just under five minutes. The students selected the songs and got together for four hours one day to shoot the video. 

The University’s LipDub received more than 1,400 hits in 72 hours and is rapidly moving virally worldwide; it was seen in 10 countries over a three-day period.

“All of the students were very creative and enthusiastic and really cared about being a part of this,” said Rebecca Bishop, an Office of University Communications intern who produced the LipDub.  “From beginning to end, this was a fun and team effort by everyone involved.  It really showcases our facilities and the spirit of the student body.”

She said the most challenging part of the video was “moving people from scene to scene without showing the camera.”

The idea for University LipDub originally came from six students at the Faculty of Digital Media at the Hochschule Furtwangen University in Germany. 

 “I think that this will catch on,” said George Comeau of Suffolk’s Office of University Communications.  “It’s a fun and exciting way for a school to highlight the people and places that make it unique.”


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