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In February 2009, two Suffolk alumni and three of their colleagues launched an ambitious nonprofit organization, Tomorrow’s Women TODAY - The Boston Women's Leadership Council. Its purpose is to promote mentoring and networking for women identified as emerging leaders in the private and public sectors. It connects them with other leaders, enhances their knowledge base, and strengthens their leadership skills. The geographic focus is Boston, but the group has already attracted members statewide.



Lauren Gill Pimpare               Helena Carvalho


Those Suffolk alumni are Lauren Gill Pimpare, MBA/Health ’05, and Helena Carvalho, MPA ’05 (and current MBA student). Lauren, founder and president, manages the organization and oversees community and corporate relations. Helena, a cofounder, serves as treasurer and handles information management and event planning. The two met in a course on nonprofit entrepreneurialism taught by Professor Richard Gregg, Operating Director of Suffolk’s Healthcare Programs.

That course, and Rick, proved influential. Lauren declares, “It was an excellent class – inspiring and thought-provoking.” In 2008 she used resources from the class to develop a business plan for Tomorrow’s Women TODAY, and she recruited cofounders. “We realized we could benefit from guidance,” she recalls. “Professor Gregg had experience starting nonprofits; he’s an entrepreneur himself.” Lauren sent Rick her business plan. “He provided great feedback,” she says. He’s been a promoter and resource ever since.

Professor Richard Gregg

The organization recently announced its first “Man of TODAY” award. The concept, Lauren explains, is “to recognize strong men who have influenced us. These men are our mentors and can provide insight and inspiration.” The award went to Rick. The tribute says,

As important as it is for us to recognize the women that have made a difference for us, it is equally important to recognize the men who have helped us along the way . . . our first Man of TODAY Award recognizes Professor Richard Gregg . . . for providing wisdom, guidance and support to our organization. 

Rick recalls Lauren and Helena as outstanding students, “always asking questions and clearly aspiring to make the world a better place.” They’re truly change agents, he observes. “I’m so proud of them!”

Their organization is itself mentored by the influential Massachusetts Women’s Forum, a non-political organization of 100+ women leaders. Tomorrow’s Women TODAY is recruiting other partners and sponsors and encouraging them to identify talent within their own ranks, facilitate mentoring, and recruit employees from the Tomorrow’s Women TODAY network. It also hosts events that promote learning and networking.

New members are selected through an application-and-screening process. Lauren encourages Suffolk alumni who are emerging leaders within their sectors to apply.

Posted November 2009


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