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Dr. Martin Schedlbauer, who teaches in the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management, has years of experience as a teacher. Schedlbaurer founded and ran several corporate training companies, including serving as the CTO of Global Services at BEA Systems, Inc. (now a subsidiary of Oracle).

“The difference between training in the corporate world and teaching in the academic world is that at Suffolk, we’re asking the students to think critically,” he said. “It’s not just about getting to the bottom line, it’s also about understanding that there’s a fiduciary duty to the company and to society as well.”

A graduate of UMass Lowell, where he received his BS, MSc and PhD in Computer Science, Schedlbauer has taught and created courses in quantitative analysis, information systems analysis, database design, requirements management, statistics, web systems development, and project management.

When he’s not teaching and consulting, Schedlbauer is researching data entry in situations where the user is mobile. “Recently, I have done joint research with the University of Graz (Austria) Medical School where we studied data entry performance and overall usability of mobile health informatics systems,” Schedlbauer said. “We used Tablet PCs to allow nurses and physicians to access, manipulate, and update medical charts while ‘on-the-go.’”



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