Sweet Success for Entrepreneurial Alumni

Professor George Moker, Joe Melville, Greg Balestrieri, and Dean William O’Neill


Greg Balestrieri and Joe Melville had the audience eating out of their hands as they told of launching a $3 million business in July 2009, just months after graduating from the Sawyer Business School.

Melville, 31, and Balestrieri, 23, who are cousins, discussed their new and successful online store, Candy.com, in a campus presentation to students and faculty. 

“We’re just two regular guys who are working hard to shake up the candy world,” said Balestrieri.  “We’ve been able to turn our dream into reality, and we’re having a lot of fun doing it.”

Candy.com, better known as the world’s largest corner candy store, is the go-to destination for everything candy, according to its founders. It sells more than 6,000 different candy items from 500-plus manufacturers. 

The online site offers product reviews, blogs, customer giveaways, and a special section for children and is poised to become a key leader in the multi-billion dollar, recession-proof confectionery industry.

“Right now, we’re making an impact in the candy and domain industry,” said Melville.  “Our goal is to build this business to many levels.”

Melville and Balestrieri thanked Business School Dean William J. O’Neill, Jr., and Professor George Moker, director of Entrepreneurship Programs for their support, presenting them with gigantic Candy. com lollipops.

“There were a lot of important parts to making this all come together, and Suffolk’s role was huge,” said Balestrieri. “If you surround yourself with good and smart people, good things will happen,” he told the students in the crowd.

Those attending went home with bags of Suffolk blue and gold candy.

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