• Institute for Healthcare Improvement Seminar

Building a Quality Measurement System That Works

October 27-28, 2009
The Charles Hotel
Boston, MA

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement works to improve healthcare around the world. Its new, hands-on educational seminar will provide a practical framework for constructing and evaluating a “dashboard” of key measures of quality. Faculty will offer guidance  for selecting a balanced set of measures, specifying operational definitions, and building data collection plans. Both conceptual and statistical approaches to understanding variations in data will be reviewed. Students will be challenged to link measurement efforts to improvement strategies within their organizations.

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Scholarship Funding
A limited amount of scholarship funding is available to offset seminar fees in cases of financial hardship. To apply for a need-based scholarship, complete an application and submit it to info@ihi.org. IHI will contact you within ten days regarding scholarship availability.


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