• First One's On Us!

An Alcohol Awareness Month Program

Wednesday October 21, 2009
5:00pm – 6:00pm
Donahue 403

Students currently living in an apartment are invited, but all students are welcome to this event.  Responsible Partying is not a contradiction in terms. Whether we're celebrating the end of finals, a Red Sox victory, or just enjoying time with friends, fond memories and great stories often include having some drinks. However, many of us know someone who has overdone it and gotten themselves or somebody else hurt because of alcohol. This program gives you some ideas on how to have fun without endangering yourself or anybody else.

Your fellow student will teach you more about how to host a fun and responsible gathering at your apartment!  Students will leave with knowledge of host responsibilities and tips for safe hosting; basic alcohol information, i.e. blood alcohol levels, binge drinking, signs of alcohol poisoning, etc; policies and laws; getting along with neighbors; and fun ideas for including non-alcoholic beverages and simple snack recipes.  Students will also take home a party pack that will include a free gift card for Café Quattro- first one is on us!

Sponsored by the Off-Campus Housing Office’s Commuter Ambassador Program, the Health and Wellness Peer Educators (SUPERS), the Office of Risk Management, Office of Government and Community Affairs and the Suffolk University Police Department

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