• Suffolk Holds First Energy Conservation Competition


This October, the Suffolk University residence hall that saves the most energy will win a pizza party.

"Several people have suggested that we hold a competition to encourage energy conservation," said Campus Sustainability Coordinator Erica Mattison.  "This semester seemed like the perfect time to implement this idea, now that we have an Eco-Rep Program in place in the residence halls.  These students, serving as environmental peer educators in the residence halls, will play a key role in promoting energy conservation among residents."

The winner will be the residence hall that achieves the greatest reduction in electricity consumption for the month of October (compared to the previous October).  The results will be announced in November.

Students and staff are encouraged to use energy wisely by following simple steps such as:

  • Turning off electronics when not in use
  • Using energy efficient light bulbs
  • Unplugging electronics when not in use.

Eco-Reps will be distributing free energy efficient light bulbs in the residence halls starting the first week of October.  If you live in the residence halls and are interested in applying to serve as an Eco-Rep, email recycle@suffolk.edu for more information.


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