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UN & Humanitarian Governance

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'This seminar will explore actors and issues in the context of the United Nations system in connection with humanitarian governance challenges. We will examine theoretical, political, legal issues and institutional issues, then analyze protection, civil-military relations in peace operations. UN and other peace operations and "responsibility to protect" will be analyzed, and hard choices for all those who wish that "globalization" should be more humane, and who are interested to confront moving targets and evolving challenges of humanitarian governance, including dilemmas "of not doing harm, when intending to do good", in international humanitarian engagement. With humanitarian action's new power comes knowledge that even the most well-intentioned projects can create as many problems as they solve. Are unforeseen consequences, blind spots, and biases of humanitarian work--from focusing too much on rules and too little on results? Students are expected to actively participate in interactive, visual and practical simulation exercises and role plays of humanitarian emergency operations Previous relevant knowledge/experience desirable.'