• SUHA Movie Night

Featuring the Film: Walkout

Tuesday, September 29
Donahue, Room 311

Spend an evening  with SUHA and watch "Walkout," a stirring true story of the Chicano students of East LA, who in 1968 staged several dramatic walkouts in their high schools to protest academic prejudice and dire school conditions. Aided by a popular and progressive young teacher, Sal Castro, Paula Crisostomo and a group of young Chicano activists battle parents, teachers, bureaucrats, the police and public opinion to make their point. Along the way, the students learn profound lessons about embracing their own identity and standing up for what they believe in. Set in 1968, a tumultuous year that shook America to its foundation, Walkout is a vivid reminder that people can change the world.

This event will also feature guest speaker: Professor Celeste Kostopulos Cooperman of the Humanities and Modern Languages Department.

Refreshments will be served.


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