• Single Stream Pilot to Launch


In an effort to increase the recycling rate at the 150 Tremont Residence Hall, Facilities is launching a Single Stream Recycling Pilot this September.  Residents and building staff will no longer have to sort recyclables.  Papers, cardboard, and empty glass, metal, and plastic can be combined with each other in any recycling bin in 150 Tremont.  Based on information from municipalities and other schools, the expectation is that the more convenient Single Stream recycling will encourage more people to participate and will increase the recycling rate. 

150 Tremont by the Numbers

For the 2008/09 school year...

  • 150 Tremont recycled an average of 20% of its waste stream (compared to a campus recycling rate of 36%). 
  • Recycling: average per person amount recycled each month = 15 pounds.
  • Trash: average per person amount thrown away each month = 55 pounds.


The goal for the fall of 2009 is to achieve an average monthly recycling rate of 30% at 150 Tremont.    Goal per person: recycling 23 lbs per month, throwing away 40 lbs per month.


Did you know?

For every ton of paper we recycle, we save approximately 17 trees. 

For every aluminum can that is recycled, enough energy is saved to power a TV for three hours.

Educational Outreach

As part of the trial, new signage has been installed in the waste closet on each floor and in the cafe. 

Resident Assistants will be asked to help promote the pilot programs.  Eco-Rep volunteers will host informational tables to raise awareness among 150 Tremont residents.

Information will be provided to the janitorial and cafe staff members.

Tracking Performance

The impact of the pilot will be monitored with the help of Suffolk's new Eco-Rep student volunteers.  At the end of the semester, the program will be evaluated and a determination will be made about how to proceed. 

To share feedback about this pilot, please contact recycle@suffolk.edu.  Your suggestions are appreciated.

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