Interested in helping to educate your peers about health topics?  The application deadline to be a SUPER has passed but it isn't too late to volunteer!  If interested contact Paulette Giambalvo, Assistant Director of Health & Wellness Services at  Volunteers will have the opportunity to be certified as peer health educators through teh BACHHUS network!   

Our Mission:

The Suffolk University Peer-health Education Resource (SUPERs) are a group of undergraduate students who are nationally certified through the BACHHUS network. The goal of the SUPERs is to provide students with facts and resources on health related topics such as sexual health, alcohol and other drugs, stress, sleep, nutrition, mental health, etc. Using an open minded, fun and non-judgmental approach, the SUPERs interact with students to encourage healthy life styles. The SUPERS reflect the mission of Suffolk University to educate students to become advocates for their own well-being which is essential to their overall academic success.

Who Are the SUPERs?

The SUPERs are passionate and responsible student leaders who extend health and wellness education beyond the walls of the office.  SUPERs help their peers develop the tools they need to lead healthy lifestyles.  They also encourage students to think critically about college health issues by raising questions, facilitating discussion, and sharing information.  They do this is a positive, interactive, fun and non-judgemental manner. 

What Can SUPERs Provide?

Through their extensive training and national certification, the SUPERs:

  • Provide one on one conversations with fellow students who have sensitive health-related questions 
  • Lead and sponsor educational programming for fellow students
  • Disseminate accurate health information on campus 
  • Provide referrals to on and off campus services
  • Advocate for changes in campus policies to support student health


  • We have paid and volunteer positions available
  • If you are interested, please click here for more information and the application materials. Please feel free to contact Paulette Giambalvo, Assistant Director, Health & Wellness Services with any questions (617-557-1587 or

Why Should I Be a SUPER?

  • This is a great resume builder!
  • Become a nationally Certified Peer Educator (CPE) through the BACCHUS network
  • Opportunities to attend national and regional conferences 
  • Gain extensive knowledge about contraception, sexually transmitted infections, body image, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, eating disorders, nutrition, health promotion, men’s and women’s health, stress management, sexual violence, depression, healthy relationships, etc.
  • Develop essential professional and life skills in the area of leadership, public speaking, goal setting, time management, teamwiork, program planning and evaluation

Is Being a SUPER For Me?

A strong applicant should possess these qualities:

  • Must be a full-time undergraduate student
  • Strong interest in promoting healthy behaviors among fellow students
  • Open to cultures, practices, sexual orientations different from your own
  • Sensitivity to controversial/personal topics that are sometimes embarrassing, and have a willingness to talk candidly about them
  • Ability to articulate facts about health behaviors and to dispel myths and perceptions
  • Demonstrate a sincere concern for others and their well-being.