Recent Faculty Articles and Books


The following are recent publications (and exhibitions) by members of the faculties of the Law School, Sawyer Business School, and College of Arts and Sciences:

  • Michael Kraten, Accounting.  His article “The Big Four Audit Report: Should The Public Perceive It As A Label of Quality?” was accepted for publication in Accounting and the Pubic Interest.
  • Erika Gebo, Sociology, has published an article “Assessing Student Learning and Undergraduate Effectiveness through a Comprehensive Exam” (co-authored with Kimberly Tobin) in Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law and Society. Another article “Juvenile Justice Reform and the Courtroom Workgroup: Issues of Perception and Workload” (2006) was reprinted in Courts: A Text/Reader.
  • Keri E. Iyall Smith, Sociology, has co-edited a book Hybrid Identities: Theoretical and Empirical Examinations with Brill Publishers and authored a chapter “Rights of Indigenous Peoples” in The Leading Rogue State.  Smith also published an article “Comparing State and International Protections of Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights” in American Behavioral Scientist.
  • Carolyn Boyes-Watson, Sociology, has published a book Peacemaking Circles and Urban Youth (Living Justice Press).
  • Miriam Weismann, Business Law and Ethics, has published a book Crime, Incorporated: Legal and Financial Implications of Corporate Misconduct (American Bar Association Publishing).

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