CIE Shapes Up


The four team members who represented the Center for International Education (CIE) in the Suffolk University Health and Wellness Challenge are among the healthiest people on campus. Students Yerim Fall (who also served as team captain), Cody Moskovitz, and Peter Podprocky; and Director of International Student Programming R. Scott Reedy participated in the University-wide competition. The event, held March 25– April 22, was sponsored by the Offices of Health and Wellness Services and Human Resources.

This challenge was one of many events marking Health and Wellness Month at Suffolk University. Members of the University community also attended topical seminars and took part in community service projects, among other opportunities.

Four-person teams comprised of students, faculty, and staff competed in the Health and Wellness Challenge. Team members were awarded points each week for their healthy living practices—from physical activity to daily hygiene, from rigorous exercise to emotional and intellectual well-being. Team totals and individual rankings were tracked throughout the month-long challenge.

“The 30-day Health and Wellness Challenge provided me with the opportunity to focus on my decisions and behavior, and encouraged me to work harder at maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” said Podprocky, a first-year graduate student who regularly works out. “Not only did I achieve real results, but I really enjoyed the entire experience.”

The CIE Wellness Wunderkinds placed fourth out of 11 teams in the final rankings. 

“Regardless of the final tally, everyone was truly a winner for participating in this challenge,” Reedy said. “It gave everyone the chance to learn about healthy lifestyles and have a good time while improving their personal well-being. We are inspired to keep going with our wellness efforts even after the competition.”

At the end of this healthy month, all participants were treated to a special luncheon, where they were honored with certificates and with wellness-themed prizes.

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