• Law Professors Analyze the News from a Legal Perspective
Frank Rudy Cooper


Suffolk Law faculty are analyzing the news from a legal perspective each week on New England Cable News.

Through NECN’s “Sidebar” segment, the Suffolk Law professors examine significant local, national and international stories.

The July 27 segment will focus on the incident involving the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., at his home. Law Professor Frank Rudy Cooper will be the analyst.

Cooper teaches Constitutional Criminal Procedure; Criminal Law; and Identity, Law, and Culture. Among his publications is the book chapter "The Seesaw Effect: From Racial Profiling to Depolicing: Toward a Critical Cultural Theory," in New Civil Rights Research: A Constitutive Approach.

“Sidebar” airs at 4:15 p.m. Mondays during NECN’s “News Day Live” broadcast.

The “Sidebar” segment debuted March 23 with “Is the AIG bonus tax constitutional?”

In discussing AIG and the congressional move to tax bonuses paid to executives of the insurance firm that had been saved by a generous federal bailout, Law Professor Carter Bishop told NECN’s Chet Curtis that "it is possible, but marginal whether those (tax levies) are constitutional.”

Bishop also pointed out that AIG had no option when it came to paying the much-maligned bonuses. Failure to pay would have been construed as a breach of contract under Connecticut law, and AIG would likely have lost any suit resulting from a refusal to pay the bonuses, according to Bishop.

In other "Sidebar" segments, Professor Chris Dearborn analyzed the Massachusetts marijuana law, and Professor Anthony Polito discussed charges filed against funds that fed into Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi operation.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to showcase our faculty and share our collective legal expertise,” said Associate Dean and Professor of Law Linda Simard. “We hope that ‘Sidebar’ will help bring attention and increased awareness to some of the important legal issues of our day.”

“NECN is pleased and privileged to share with our viewers the expertise of professors from one of the best law schools in our country,”' said NECN News Director Tom Melville. “This terrific ‘Sidebar’ segment promises to shed light on the most intriguing legal issues of the day.'”

NECN and Suffolk University are broadcast partners, and the segment originates from the University’s television studio at 73 Tremont St.

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