2009 Rammy Award Winners Announced


The Department of Communication and Journalism announced today the winners of the second annual Rammy Awards. The student awards ceremony recognized outstanding student visual media projects in the communications field. This year over 200 submissions were judged by professionals in their respective categories. For the first time, the Rammy Awards featured live performances from the Suffolk Dance Company, Seriously Bent, and the Ramifications. Clips from the winning submissions were screened during the ceremony and this year’s new emcee, Dr. Dana Rosengard awarded winning students with a newly designed Rammy trophy.  The Rammy Awards were held on April 9 in the C. Walsh Theatre from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and was followed by a celebratory reception.

“It seems to me there is a great deal of buzz for the Rammy Awards this year among students,” said Dr. Robert Rosenthal, Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department of Communication and Journalism. “If the buzz is any indication of the future of the Rammy Awards, it will surely be an enormous success throughout the years.”

The winners are as follows:

• Short News Story
o The Gift of Education by Courtney Kenihan,

• Long News Story
o  Boston Bikes by Joel Messer and Andrew Snieder

• Commercial or Public Service Announcement
o Color by Camille Monahan

• Short Fiction Narrative
o  The Mistake by Tim Callanan, Joel Messer, Chris Viglone, Jeremy Martin, Ronnie Campbell, and Greg Fidler

• Short Nonfiction Narrative
o Suffolk U  News by Amanda White and Mary Pierce

• Music Video
o  Hold It In  by Matthew Thompson and Fabian Perez,

• Photo Essay
o Pieces of America by Monica Anc

• Spot News Photo
o Ying-Ting Chen

• Black and White Single Photo
o Minors by Monica Anc

• Color Single Photo
o Twins by Tricia Fu

Congratulations to this year's winners, and to all the 2009 nominees!

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