Job Shadow Day at Beacon Hill Institute

Frank Conte, Daynabo Issak, and Gledestony Sequeira


The Beacon Hill Institute participates in the annual Job Shadow Day sponsored by the Boston Private Industry Council and the Boston Public Schools to provide an opportunity for high school students who are considering career choices to learn about professional life.

“Nineteen students have visited BHI as Job Shadows since our first year of participation in 1999,” said Frank Conte, director of communications and information systems for BHI.

This year, Gledestony Sequeira and Daynabo Issak, juniors from Charlestown High School, shadowed Conte as he went about his work. 

"Job Shadow Day is a great opportunity to introduce high school students to both BHI and Suffolk University. Students who participate in Job Shadow show a real interest in success," said Conte. "Curiosity about work life and its many responsibilities is a valuable trait, and Gledestony and Daynabo clearly understand its importance. The institute -- through its work in economics -- is always interested in the next generation and how it will shape tomorrow's workforce. To that end I tried to underscore how their jobs will change over a lifetime in our dynamic economy."

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