• Elaine Pasqua presents: Safe Spring Break

    Sex, Drinking, Drugs, Date Rape STDs Ever Get Caught Up in the Moment?

    Where:  Sawyer 429

    When: 1-2pm

    Get ready for a honest and hilarious discussion about Spring break and the College party scene, all that can go wrong and how you can keep it all right!

    Each year thousands of college students flock to the beaches of the US and other destinations to party.  Unfortunately not everyone comes home with happy memories.

    Elaine Pasqua is a seasoned traveler. She has traveled to all 50 states and has traveled extensively to foreign destinations throughout the world. Through her work with colleges Elaine has heard the spring break-gone-bad stories. The purpose of this program is to prepare students for a safe and fun spring break trip.

    Elaine coaches students on how to thoroughly prepare for the trip. Once you are there, how do you stay safe? She shares tips on how to look confident, how to move from one locale to another safely, and most importantly how to look out for one another. She talks to students about safe sex and drinking and provides them with numerous options to protect themselves. Elaine was nominated for the 2009 Best Speaker of the Year for Campus Activities Magazine's Readers Choice Awards.


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