Juan Enriquez

An exploration of the impact of life sciences on the 21st century

April 16, 2009
C. Walsh Theatre

"Financial Crises, Technology, and Why Boston Might Just be the Center of Universe (at least for now)," a lecture by Juan Enriquez.

As we live through an almost unprecedented economic crisis, we are also living through an extraordinary scientific age.  On the one hand, we are witnessing unprecedented wealth destruction.  On the other hand there are, especially in Boston, extraordinary opportunities to create the next great industries and power of the global economy.  Juan Enriquez, Managing Director of Excel Medical Ventures, founder of many successful companies, and best-selling author of As the Future Catches You, joins us to explore why life sciences will be the "dominant language and economic driver of this century," and why Boston is perhaps the single most interesting place on the planet at this particular time. 

A Ford Hall Forum event.  For more information, please visit www.fordhallforum.org.

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