Recent Faculty Publications

Micrograph of bacterial cells


The following are recent publications by members of the faculties of the Law School, Sawyer Business School, and College of Arts and Sciences:

Melanie Barker Berkmen, Chemistry and Biochemistry, had a micrograph of bacterial cells that she obtained through fluorescence microscopy published in the textbook Microbiology: an evolving science (2008).

James Angelini, Accounting, has published two papers:  “Business Taxes in Massachusetts: Toward Fundamental Reform” (with Tuerck, D., Conte, F., Sanchez-Penalver, A.); in State Tax Notes, Vol. 49:6; and “An Exploration of Distortions in Horizontal Equity Caused by Cost of Living Differences” (with Noga, T.) in Tax Notes.

Susan Atherton of Business Law and Ethics and David Wheeler of Marketing.  Their article “Marketing Innovations and the Effect of Patent Reform on Plant Patents” will be published in the Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences.

Christopher Buscaglia, Business Law and Ethics.  His article “Crafting a Legislative Solution to the Economic Harm of Employee Misclassification” will be published in the University of California, Davis, Business Law Journal (spring 2009 edition).

C. Gopinath, Strategy & International Business, has published “Recognizing and justifying private corruption” in the Journal of Business Ethics, 82: 747-754.

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