Freshman Wins Trip to LA Fashion Week

Lauren Pelkey and Lauren Conrad


After strutting her stuff on the runway at The Estate on Boylston Street, modeling two outfits designed by reality star Lauren Conrad, freshman Lauren Pelkey waited for the votes to come in.

The top vote-getter of the 10 models chosen for Conrad’s Nov. 15, 2008, Boston fashion show would accompany the reality star to LA Fashion Week.

Just after midnight, Pelkey’s Cinderella dream came true when she received a text message from the show’s coordinator.

“I literally dropped my phone and fell to the ground,” Pelkey said. “And that’s when my friends knew I had won.”

A month before the show, Pelkey had heard about Lauren Conrad’s contest on, a college student portal. She was one of many Boston-area students entering in the hope of winning a chance to walk in Conrad’s regional fashion show.

Online voting for finalists began Oct. 30, based on photos posted online, and Pelkey stayed near the top of the list. Conrad personally chose Pelkey and nine other women from the 25 with the most votes to walk in her show.

Pelkey, who is studying Public Relations at the College of Arts and Sciences, will be joining three other winners from around the country at Fashion Week in Los Angeles at the end of February.

“I think it could open many doors for my career in modeling. There will be some really famous fashion icons in LA,” said Pelkey.

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