• Suffolk Conducts First Waste Audit


As a result of a waste audit conducted at the Miller Hall dormitory on October 28, 2008, Suffolk University has more information about opportunities for recycling.  By sorting into categories and weighing the contents of 11 bags of trash, volunteers and staff discovered that 66% of the trash was actually trash.  While many higher education institutions we contacted have not conducted recent waste audits, among those that have, the average percentage of waste that could have been recycled was at the same level as Suffolk's. 

At 13% of total weight, plastic made up the largest percentage of material that could have been recycled in Miller Hall; followed by paper at 7%.  The information gained from the audit will be used to guide education and outreach.  Suffolk will be stepping up efforts to raise awareness among students that paper, plastic bottles, and other empty containers such as yogurt cups and plastic to-go containers should be recycled. 

Thank you to Facilities Management, Save that Stuff, ABM Janitorial Services, Residence Life, and students Andrea Thayer and Matt Aten for their participation in Suffolk's first waste audit.  If you work at Suffolk or are a student and would like to recommend a specific building for our next waste audit, please email recycle@suffolk.edu.


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